GB Concise Pages.
Here are the 'concise' pages completed thus far. Some of the pages that I have already emailed to customers have had a few errors corrected so I would suggest you download the version listed here and delete the older one. There will be more of these pages in the near future and I will inform all of my customers when they are available.

Why new and old layouts? A combination of customer requests, major I.T. issues and my constant need to tinker led me to redesign my pages early this year (2018). The new pages have a slightly larger left-hand margin for binding, placeholders have been moved around a little to allow a little more space, Se-Tenant strips/blocks and Miniature Sheets have been taken out of the main pages and placed in their own files (once printed, you can put them where you want), and Machins are in chronological order as opposed to sections of types. I always intended for customers to have both sets of pages and use the set they prefer. However, due to a major issue with cloud storage I thought i had lost all of the old pages and would only be able to issue the new ones. Thankfully, after much communication with the company concerned, the old files were found and restored, and I am now able to offer both sets. Future supplements wil also cover both sets.

If you only have one set of pages and would like the other set, feel free to email me ( and I will send you a link to download the set you request.

To download a file, either click to open it and then save, or right-click on the file name and choose "Save target as..." to directly download.
New Layout Old Layout
N01c - QV Concise O01c - QV Concise
N02c - KEVII Concise O02c - KEVII Concise
N03c - Official Concise O03c - Official Concise
N04c - KGV Concise O04c - KGV Concise
N05c - KEVIII Concise O05c - KEVIII Concise
N06c - KGVI Concise O06c - KGVI Concise
N07c - Postage Due Concise O07c - Postage Due Concise